Welcome to The Radiant Way School

Physics Lab

In physics class, lab is central. Integral. Sacred. More than a mere place in the back of the classroom, the laboratory is the place where physics students do physics.

It is in the laboratory that physics students learn to practice the activities of scientists - asking questions, performing procedures, collecting data, analyzing data, answering questions, and thinking of new questions to explore.

Chemistry Lab

The word chemistry comes from the word alchemy, an earlier set of practices that encompassed elements of chemistry.

On the other hand, we denounce with righteous indignation and dislike men who are so beguiled and demoralized by the charms of pleasure of the moment, that they cannot fore see the pain and trouble that are bound to ensue; and equal blame belongs to those who fail in their duty.


Computer Lab

The school's computer and communication network provides state-of-the art computing facilities and broadband internet connectivity. A part from full - fledged computer lab.

The learning centre also has computing facility to assist students in projects and research assignments.


The spacious our library, with more than 7500 books on diverse subjects is a storehouse of knowledge. Students are encouraged to cultivate reading habit from a young age and taught to use the space as a centre for learning. Library is a gateway for students to quell their curiosities and get answers to all their queries. The library also has an electronic (Audio and video CD) section, which makes the process of learning a lot more exciting & interesting.

Our library facilitates students to fine-tune their research & critical thinking skills, bibliographic instruction & discussion. Our open access system helps students to choose book according to their interest. The multimedia room and internet zone etc help students to keep themselves up to date with today's world.


Medical Centre

Manned by qualified nurse, the medical centre maintains high standards of hygiene and care to ensure the health and safety of students. The modern and child friendly centre is open throughout the day to attend to the students as and when required.

Students health records are well documented and maintained at medical centre for ready reference. Besides the routine health check-ups, the medical centre also holds annual activities like dental and eye check-up camps.


At The Radiant Way School we attach a significant value to sports activities as we believe that agile mind and a sturdy physique is an outcome of indulgence in sports. Besides, sports help in building a healthy team spirit. Team sports prepares a child to the method of performing in a group and for individual sports the school grooms and trains a student to learn and participate. Splendid sporting facilities abound which include tennis and basketball courts, a jogging track,a health club, and facilities for indoor games as well as outdoor sports such as football, cricket, badminton, table tennis and handball.

There is a provision for sports activities for students of all age groups. We have the best of coaches to teach the students the various rules, skills and techniques required for mastering various games. The students are helped in acquiring the art of competing with the opposition with skill and good sportsmanship.



Has well-qualified and experienced counselor for enhancing the psychological well being of the learners which is psycho dynamic, person centered and narrative.

The Parent Community

The school takes up an all encompassing approach for a child's development. To achieve this we forge a strong and mutually beneficial partnership with the parents and who is kept in the loop about the progress of his ward. Also included in the scheme of things are the guardians and care givers of the child, so that the child does not feel isolated and grows with the comfort of knowing that all those who care are at all times with him.

At parent meeting held at regular intervals, we discuss the progress of the child and the areas that need to be further improved. The almanac is an invaluable link between home and school. Parents are kept up to date with information through our interactive website and newsletters. Parental focus groups provide invaluable support and feedback on a variety of school issues, including the development of policies.


Students Council

A school forms the bedrock of all future activities that a child undertakes on the social platforms in his grown up years.

Student council at The Radiant Way School thus creates this urge to lead and learn the administrative nuances in children at a young age itself. The members of this council are encouraged to participate in the formulation and implementation of school's policies.


For a robust development of the child which contains within a spirit of adventure and vigour, the school organizes holiday vocational camps during vacations. Environmental educational programmes ensure that the child gets suitable exposure to the outdoors which teach him to be sensitive towards his environment.

Such activities also help create self reliance and the social quotient of the child and makes him aware of his country's rich heritage.



The exciting mix of the academic with the co-curricular offers the students a wide mix of learning opportunities. He is free to select the areas of his interest with the confidence that the school would be providing all the right platforms him to excel in this these.

These activities get a further impetus by luminaries who regularly visit the institution to push the frontiers of thought.


Our History

The aim of the school is student’s all-round development with utmost diligence and fostering a sense of confidence in them. They are nurtured to become a good citizen blended with excellent virtues and best academic performance. The students are also made aware of all social, civic, and moral responsibilities, duties and rights. The school does not believe in following routine, conventional stereotyped patterns of education, rather it adopts innovative and reflective ideas which are student friendly at one hand where as at the other hand it discourages spoon feeding and cramming the children.

There are several schools for rich and affluent people which are not affordable to the middle class people, than there are several government schools which catered the needs of poor people. This situation gave the idea of founding a school which can give education of the highest standards but at the same time the fee structure of which could be afforded by an average middle class family. And thus this school The Radiant Way was created, which is celebrating the Silver Jubilee of its foundation. The journey of this school from 11 students in 1988 to 1500 today has not been smooth. There were several hurdles on the path but the determination and commitment of Shirin Ji and later by her successors made it possible the now it occupies the glorious position among the best schools of not only the city of Raipur but in the entire state of Chhattisgarh too.

When the school was in its formative stage and was just four years old the sudden demise of Prof. Mangal Dube broke Shirin Ji, but facing this tragic phase also she did not run away from her commitment of developing this school and continued to work with all possible efforts to make her dream true. There after she continued to develop the school for further one and a half decade till her death in the year 2008. It was a co-incidence that till then the first batch of Higher Secondary had passed out in the year 2007. This would definitely been a solace to her. After her demise the responsibilities of this prestigious institution came on the shoulders of Shri. Sameer Dube who is working as Director with highly energetic and catalytic support of Mrs. Bhavna Dube, his wife working as principal following the norms, standards, and inspirations of the founder, Shirin Ji.

The first Primary batch passed out in the year 1999, followed by First Middle batch in 2002, first High School batch in 2004, and first Higher Secondary batch in the year 2007.Radiant Way is affiliated to the prestigious School Certification Institution, Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination, New Delhi (CISCE) There are around 1300 schools only in the entire country which are affiliated to CISCE and The Radiant Way is a proud one among those. It needs special mention that there are nearly 1400000 (Fourteen Lacs) schools in the entire country of which only 1300 are affiliated with CISCE, is not it a remarkable recognition for the Radiant Way. The syllabus of CISCE gives the students incredible command over English language and amazing communication skill that they can confidently step into the competitive world.

Presently the school offers higher secondary education in Mathematics, Biology & Commerce. While School strives for formal education simultaneously it also facilitates the students with various other extra-curricular opportunities for their overall personality development. The school has well equipped Chemistry, Physics, Biology & Computers lab. It also has developed I-Class with Audio & video learning & practicing. The school library has over 10000 books in its collection, all of which are aimed for improving better know-how & world view of the students. School also has classical music & dance learning facilities for which there are individual vocal and instrumental music teachers & a Bharatnatyam dance teacher. There are sprawling grounds for various games like Basket Ball, cricket, football, Volleyball, Khokho, Kabaddi etc. & facilities for playing indoor games like carom, Chess etc. under the expert guidance of 3 sport teachers. There are also arrangement for improving the creative activity of the students for which the school has teachers who guide the students in learning, practicing, and improvisation of communication skill, drawing, painting, writing, crafts skill, re-structuring etc. school also offers the students learning of vedic maths.

The school uniform is very casual one comprising of cotton T shirts. Committed to confidence building of the students the school provides extremely familiar atmosphere. The school is run in its own building which is spread in seven acres of land. This building was inaugurated by Shri Ajit Jogi, the than Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh on 27th November 2000. While there where only 8 rooms in this school when it was founded in the year 1988, presently it has 50 rooms in its new premises. Similarly while there where only three teachers in the year 1988 it has now a team of 85 members of highly learned teaching staff.

The school doesn't believe that only study is important for students but encourages extracurricular activities like reading, recitation, creative writing, painting, drawing, drama, quiz, dance, music and sports indoor as well as outdoor. The school children participate in various intra and inter school competitions and come up with flying colours. The school always motivates the students to show their flair by organizing different intra school competitions and also participating in different inter school competitions in the city, state and the country which helps children in shaping up their personality.

The students of this school have excelled in various state level and national competitions & brought feathers in school caps. There have been instances when the students of the school scored marks between 90 to 100 percents in there final examinations and a number of them are pursuing courses of medicine, engineering, law, account's & commerce which are matter of pride for this school.

To day we are celebrating the silver jubilee of The Radiant Way School. On this occasion feeling satisfied with the achievements made so far is not the proper way of celebration, the actual celebration would be to make a commitment for further development of the standard of education, teaching skills of the tutors & incorporation of newer & newer methodology & facilities for the students so that when they come out from here they are the best citizens of country enriched with highest level of knowledge of school learning.

There are numerous stars twinkling in the sky. It seems two of these stars are perhaps late Mrs. Shirin Dube and late Prof. Mangal Dube the founders of the school who are witnessing the joyous moment of the silver jubilee celebration of their brain child, The Radiant Way School. They must be feeling extremely happy that the Radiant Way has become the most favored institution for the parents for schooling of their children. They must also be very happy with great amount of satisfaction that the school has really translated it's name into reality by making a pavement of bright path of enlightenment, knowledge and confidence for the students of The Radiant Way School.