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This is a Very common question, asked by the parents to the School. School management and thoughtful teachers put forward reasons in favor of CISCE:

English Language and lierature standard are very high.The Students from CISCE affiliated schools tend to be better qualified, with communication skills and are able to step out into the world beyond the school gates with greater confidence.

Owing to its higher standards and flexible curriculars, it has better acceptability abroad. Its ready recognition abroad makes entry into colleges and universities overseas much easier.

Its syllabus is well structured, aims at all-round education and prepares children for the competitive world. This curriculars helps in making children think and express themselves articulately and self confident.

The CISCE system does not restrict student of affiliated schools to simple book learning, but helps in developing wisdom.

It is great honour to be affiliated to the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination. New Delhi(CISCE), which was established on the 3rd of November 1958. It is continuation of the grandiose tradition of the University of Cambridge Local Examination Syndicate.

The council currently has 1286 affiliated most highly rated schools in every state of the Indian Union.

The students passsing from this council are easily distinguishable by their exceptional command over the English Language and communicational skills, are those bound to succeed in the newly emergent era of globalization

All students applying for admission in other than the nursery will be subjected to an interview and test on the level if the annual examination of the class preceding that in which admission is sought.

Dully filled admission forms will be accepted. The correct date of birth should be given at the time of admission along with the birth certificate. No affidavit will be accepted at any later stage for change in the date of birth.

Rights of admission and assignment to a particular section of the class are entirely reserved by the Management.

Pupils passed from a recognized school and seeking admission have to submit the Transfer Certificate and the Progress Report of the school last attended, failing to which their candidature will not be accepted.

Pupils who are absent on the first day of any term or stay away from school without the permission of the Principal or a valid reason are likely to have their names removed from the school register. Readmission will only be considered if there is a vacancy and on payment of the admission fees. In all cases of leave of absence prior permission should be obtained except in case of unforeseen circumstances for which an authenticated reason should be furnished by the parents or the guardian. Granting of leave however is entirely up to the discretion of the Principal.

Pupils absent from an examination will be considered as having failed unless it is established that the absence was due to illness. No pupil is permitted to engage any of the school teachers as private tutors without the written sanction of the school principal.

A student returning to school after an infectious or contagious disease should produce a doctor’s certificate permitting him to attend school. A child suffering from the same shall not be permitted to attend school till he is absolutely well.

Answer books of the annual exams will not be shown or revalued. Marks can be re-totalled on special request accompanied by a fee.

Every student has to carry the school diary with him/her to school daily.

The school fees/dues should be deposited by the 10th of every month. If the payment is not made in time a fine of Rs 5/- per day will be charged. The name of the defaulter can also be struck off from the school roll. The school and computer fees are annual and are divided into equal parts to facilitate payment.

Students should arrive ten minutes before the scheduled time. Students arriving after assembly will be sent back.

All the students should be clean and neatly dressed. Daily inspection of nails and hair will be taken. The prescribed uniform is to be worn on all school days and at all school functions.

A student who is not properly dressed will not be allowed to attend classes.

Students should behave in a refined manner wherever they go. They should always remember that the school is judged by their conduct. They should always greet their teachers, elders and friends in a pleasant and audible tone of voice whenever they meet them in school or outside.

Care must be taken of school property. The students must not scratch or spoil the school furniture or deface the walls or in any way damage what belongs to others. Damage done or noticed should be reported at once. Severe action will be taken against pupils not adhering to this rule. The cost of repair or replacement will be charged to the parents.

The school is also not responsible for valuables or money lost. The students are not advised to wear jewellery, expensive watches or bring money with them.

Students are not allowed to bring their friends/relatives to school functions without a written invitation or permission from the school authorities.

As regular attendance is very important for successful work no leave is granted except for serious reasons. All students are expected to attend school on the re-opening day after each vacation. Students who are absent will be fined Rs 50/- for each day and Rs100/- if absent during national festivals like 15th Aug & 26th Jan.

Absence of pupil from class social functions, tours etc. Are not recommended because it retards the child’s progress in studies.

For violating school discipline rules, students will be penalized by one or more minor disciplinary measure. Persistent misconduct will lead to major action.

Minor punishment can be cleaning school campus, classrooms and corridors, writing lines or leaning passages by heart. All action of misconduct will be recorded.

Major punishment will be a conference with parents and/ or official warning leading to suspension or expulsion from school.

The Management of the school reserves the right to add/ alter/ abridge or cancel at any time any of the rules laid down in this prospectus at their discretion and which shall be binding on parents/ guardians.

It is presumed that all parents/ guardians have read and accepted the contents of this prospectus before admitting their wards in the school.

There will be surprise tests conducted for all classes from K.GI to XII from time to time.

The final assessment will be based on the average marks of Surprise tests + Home work + Half Yearly Exams & Annuals Exams. The 100% of the yearly / Annual report is divided as 30% Surprise Test, 20% - Half early, 10% Homework, 40% - Annual Exams.

The minimum pass percentage required is 40% in each subject.

Appearing in examination is necessary. No examination will be conducted either before or after the scheduled time.

Students whose attendance falls short of the prescribed percentage 75% will not be allowed to appear in the examination.

Students absent from any examination without any serious reasons will be considered failed.

The students diary has been introduced with the objective of keeping you informed about the progress of your ward on a day to day basis.

You will appreciate that without a close interaction between parents and teachers and effective cooperation between the home and the school the educational objectives may not be achieved.

The school authorities expects your cooperation in maintaining regularity, discipline and study habits in your children. It is desirable that you call on the school authorities on the 1st or 3rd Saturday after 11:00 am every month.

Your ward is required to note down the day to day home assignment in the diary. Please urge your ward to be diligent with the home assignment for which you are also required to keep a regular check.

You are required to see that your ward adheres to the rules and regulations regarding uniform, neatness, regularity and punctuality etc.

You are requested to check the diaries and the test copies regularly and sign and return them promptly.

You are also requested to communicate the reasons for your childs absence.

Any observation or complaint should be made to the principal after taking an appointment, and parents are not supported to enter their wards classroom without taking permission to meet their wards and teaching during class hours. If you feel that your ward is not making progress, an appointment with the Teacher or Principal can be made.

Criticism of teachers of the school in the childs presence should be avoided.

Parents should kindly keep all the receipts issued to them and produce as a proof of payment of fees if needed.

The Children should be helped to follow the classes easily and intelligently by a certain amount of regular English conversation at home. They are expected to speak in English during school hours. Children heard talking constantly in Hindi shall be reprimanded and punished.

It is compulsory for every student to possess the school diary. Parents have to co-operate in this common cause for the betterment of the child.

Special care is taken for all-round personality development with confidence and the ability to think for himself.

A Child is taught to emerge as a good citizen, a better human being and make everyone proud of him.

Teaching methods of school are adapted to give a better education, to make the child well informed and aware of his surroundings.

The School does not believe in role method which is a common practice now a days. The school does not allow the semester system or selective studies which act as a handicap to the childs thinking process & creativity.

We do not like to impart examination oriented studies but knowledge oriented one.

Our School students exude an aura of confidence which can only be gained by thorough knowledge and encouragement by the school.

Competitions in various fields are held from time to time for the students which encourages a child to exhibit their talents.

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